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7 Ways Insurance Companies Want You to Protect Your Business

7 Ways Insurance Companies Want You to Protect Your Business

Insurance companies have a vested interest in businesses minimizing risk by employing security best practices and understand the options and their value. Naturally, they highly recommend what actually works. So what do insurance companies recommend businesses do to improve safety and protect themselves from loss? Here are the top 7 recommendations!

Get a Security Alarm System

The cost of having an alarm system is so low that most insurance companies find not having one nearly inexcusable. Alarm systems are proven deterrents that insurance companies highly recommend.

Opt into Alarm Monitoring

Again, since the price is minimal and the value far exceeding the cost, insurance companies suggest businesses opt into professional monitoring.

Use Video Surveillance

Professional video surveillance systems provide huge value in deterring and catching criminals. The use of overt cameras acts as a deterrence against things like fraud and shoplifting while covert ones can catch criminals in the act when they think they are out of view. While professionally installed video surveillance systems add the most value and performance, even a DIY system can add some benefit.

Consider Access Control

Limiting access to places like storage will help prevent theft and vandalism, and it also helps manage keys and provides the ability to change access when needed.

Asset Tracking and Inventory Control

Even small losses add up over time. Insurance companies suggest using asset tracking and an ongoing inventory validation system

Install Adequate Lighting

It seems simple but many businesses put off this simple task until it is too late. Criminals like to conduct business without being seen so adequate lighting is a cost-effective crime deterrence.

Greet Your Guests

Just the simple act of acknowledging guests lets them know that you recognize their presence. This eliminates anonymity and can reduce the chances of crime.

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