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Access DENIED. Preventing Unauthorized Access for Better Biz

Commercial Access Control. Is Your Business at Risk of Unauthorized Access?

When businesses consider implementing access control, they are typically wanting to prevent break-ins. What they may not factor in is that not every incident of unauthorized access is a criminal break-in. However, every incident can lead to big problems.

Unauthorized Access or Break-in?

Break-ins, of course, assume criminal intent. They are gaining entry illegally with some sort of intent to steal or vandalize property. Unauthorized access permits those without permission or those who have permission but have not gone through the necessary steps to gain access. This often happens innocently and out of courtesy, such as an employee holding the door open for another employee. While innocent, these types of acts could potentially have serious repercussions.

Modes of Unauthorized Access

Propping Open Doors

Propping open doors is a very common practice, especially back doors during deliveries or during smoke breaks. Practices such as taping door latches or putting pebbles or other small obstructions in the door jam stem provide convenience but increase the risk of unauthorized persons entering, especially after hours if the obstruction is not removed.


This is the practice of one or more unauthorized people getting through a door using only one person’s credentials. This exposes your business to risk as well as increased risk for those who are unaccounted for in the event of an emergency.

Unauthorized Keys

Lost, stolen, duplicated, or loaned keys all pose a huge risk for any size business. Extra sets or lost keys can go unnoticed for some time, and may not even come to light until a serious security incident. The only resolution is rekeying the building regularly, especially on the discovery of a missing key.

Unauthorized Use of Access Cards

Another problem is the misuse of access cards. This can happen when a business is not using more than one layer of authentication.

Failing to Secure the Building Properly

User error is another significant problem. Employees may not be trained properly on using security systems or fail to secure access points. This can lead to people entering areas designated for only trained persons, or provide an opening for criminals to utilize at their discretion.  

Better Access Control Means Better Business

Access control isn’t just about keeping the bad guys out, although that is an important goal. It is also about having and keeping control of your business to improve safety and security, protecting people and property.

Bottom-line? Don’t let criminal opportunity and access control problems emerge in your business. Call us today for more information!