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Beyond Security

Do you have video cameras or are you contemplating a surveillance installation? The good news is that not only is video great for physical security, but you can leverage it for other important applications at your place of business in the Milwaukee Area.

ATS, locally owned and operated stays ahead of the curve so we can continue to provide the best service and targeted systems solutions to solve your business’s needs. Video surveillance technology is just one sector of the industry that has changed dramatically over the last several years, and the results are network-based and high-definition (HD) cameras that can now accomplish so much more than simply physical security.

High-resolution cameras, referred to as IP or Internet Protocol cameras because they operate over the network, or the emerging suite of HD cameras on the market give you a world of possibilities in every vertical market and a host of different types of businesses. HD cameras offer another advantage: they use existing coaxial cabling so you can make use of your current infrastructure.

With the new suite of advanced technologies in cameras, such as analytics, you can gather a wealth of information, data and business intelligence to assist with your operations.

Here are some of the ways to leverage cameras beyond security:

  • How hard are your employees working? Now you can deploy cameras as productivity checks. With smartphone apps, you can look in on employees and check their status on the job.
  • In safety applications to protect against slip and falls reports, on-the-job injuries or other potential liability claims – cameras provide visual evidence and a dose of deterrence.
  • Keep track of warehouse operations – and goods – to yield a measure of security and safeguard against internal theft or a production process gone awry.
  • Use video integrated with access control in human resources functions to ascertain when employees come to work; or when they visit the premises after hours or during holidays.
  • Video cameras can also be used for businesses which may not have a receptionist, so occupants are alerted when a visit arrives. Used with motion detectors, they can sound an alert or other indicator to smartphone, desktop or initiate an email or text message when a visitor has arrived.
  • Cameras with on board video analytics, well-suited for retail, are smart devices that may include heat mapping, a common analytic, to show the routes patrons covered in a store and dwell times at displays. They can also alert management when checkout lines have lengthened, so additional staff can assist – boosting a positive customer experience.

Technology has advanced and we can help you make the most of your current video system or decide on a path to greater security and improved business operations with new surveillance. Every system ATS installs is custom-specified to address your needs and challenges. Contact ATS today for a free consultation or current assessment: 414-476-4200