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Bridge the Gap for Successful Physical Security Systems in Manufacturing

Between both physical and cybersecurity threats, the manufacturing industry has much about which to be concerned. Solutions such as access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, and integration are responsible for much more than safeguarding occupants and intellectual property from outside threats. They also help ensure compliance and mitigate internal threats such as loss of property, damage, improper protocols, and much more. 

But attaining the right systems and functionality isn’t as easy as it would seem. Systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated, making the foundational issues even more important than ever. Whether it is a security system for a smaller facility or many buildings across several properties, here are a few key considerations. 

Pose a Strong First Line of Defence

In manufacturing, some of the most severe damage comes from the inside, when entry is gained from the factory floor. Whether it’s preventing inventory lift, data loss or intellectual property theft, manufacturing facilities benefit from a comprehensive and integrated physical security solution protecting the front line.

Integration is a Necessity

Of necessity, there are many components to physical security for manufacturing facilities, from perimeter security, access control, and video surveillance to fire detection, intrusion detection, and environmental monitoring. Because there are so many systems, there is a real threat of incompatibility and some systems becoming siloed. This significantly decreases the effectiveness of your entire security system. That is why it is critical to consider security systems holistically and evaluate their integration capabilities before you dive in and as you add components. Work with security partners that are experts in the integration of hardware and software under one ecosystem.

Bridges the Gap Between IT and Physical Security

Work with security partners that are able to bridge the gap between IT and security and the integration of hardware and software under one ecosystem. Successful systems harden the physical security edge, enabling the authentication of devices system wide and utilize IT and IoT methodology to secure the enterprise.

Maintaining Compliance

Worldwide, and across the manufacturing industry regulations are increasing and facilities must be compliant to compete. In fact, limiting system access to authorized personnel continues to be a strong requirement for compliance in many verticals. Internally, physical security systems help ensure that employees uphold company practices and provide audits that are critical for smooth operations. 

Looking to bridge the gap between IT and security?  Our highly-trained professionals can integrate your existing security suite for increased security and functionality and greater cost savings. Call us today!