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Common (and Costly) Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing an Access Control Solution

Common (and Costly) Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing an Access Control Solution

As a business owner, it is easy to get bogged down with running your business and forget some important factors in protecting your business, such as access control. Controlling access and securing certain areas of your business may seem like a straightforward task. However, the decisions you make on access control and physical security are some of the most important business decisions you’ll ever make. Access Control and Security can have a significant impact on business flow, business liability and customer and staff safety. The factors to consider when discussing access control and security are more complicated than most people ever imagine. Due to the multitude of factors that should be considered it is easy to make some common mistakes when discussing access control. The professionals at ATS can help you identify and avoid these common missteps and get the right system to fit your needs and address your specific risk.

Thinking Your Business Doesn’t Need Access Control

Regardless of the size, location or type of business you own, thinking it is somehow less vulnerable is just not accurate. All businesses, regardless of size or market served, are vulnerable. In most cases the potential risks are far more complex and multifaceted than most business owners realize. In order to identify your potential security risks we suggest that you research crime statistics in your area and in areas similar to yours. Talk to other businesses in your area about what they do concerning access control and physical security.  Most importantly, discuss your access control options with a security professional specializing in access control/integrated systems in your area of operation.

Not Developing a Security System Plan

Another common mistake made in the deployment of access control systems is not having an initial plan. It is easy to get caught up in all the bells and whistles and miss meeting your real needs. Access control technology has advanced rapidly over the last few years and offers astounding capabilities. To get the most of your investment in access control, and to use it most effectively, have a professional evaluate your facility, identify your security deficiencies or risk, and develop a plan to address them with specific solutions. This will help avoid over or under addressing those concerns.

Not Choosing an Experienced Access Control Partner

There are many options in security technologies and security partners. It is important to choose an experienced, knowledgeable, and well-established implementation partner to help you implement the right access control solutions. Remember, the success of your access control system depends on much more than a successful installation. It also depends on your partner understanding the security landscape, the equipment and features available, your specific needs today and in the future, what your goals are for your access system and having the ability to provide ongoing support and insight. Anything less than expert support and guidance can cost you much more now and in the future.

Not Planning for the Future

Not only will access control technology change over time, so will your needs for it. Another common and costly mistake people make in access control systems is failing to plan for their future. It is important to consider how your business may evolve over time and choose access control solutions that can grow and adapt to an ever changing business environment. It is important to choose a system that offers flexibility, growth capacity and a manufacturer known for offerings which support future proofing of your access system investment.

Failing to Integrate Systems

Surprisingly, another of the most common mistakes in access control is failing to integrate other building systems. Today’s access control platforms can integrate with commercial video surveillance systems, intrusion detection systems, fire detection systems, building automation systems, human resource systems, intercom systems and much more . Many times integration is not considered or discussed because the various systems were added at different times and by different suppliers. To avoid this problem, talk to your security implementation partner to choose technologies that work together and complement each other. Discuss how integration can make for a smooth business flow, enhance business operations, provided important business data and increase safety and security for the entire organization.

Some of the most common and simple mistakes in access control end up being the most costly and dangerous. Avoid them today with ATS. Call us at 414-476-4200.