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Environmental Monitoring: Don’t wait until it’s too late

A comfortable workplace is essential for any business. But in some industries, controlling temperature, humidity, and other factors are more than just a matter of employee comfort. To keep systems running, products fresh, and facilities compliant, healthcare, pharmaceutical, food manufacturing, and others must maintain a balance of temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors.

Here are some tips on choosing the right company to install temperature and humidity monitoring systems.

Industries that Need Monitoring

Environmental monitoring is essential for many businesses to ensure the safety of sensitive equipment or products. Healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food preparation, biotechnology, information technology, and more all require careful control over the environmental conditions in their facilities. Environmental monitoring is also crucial in many other industries that require a strictly controlled environment. Restaurants, florists, art galleries, and museums also must strictly regulate temperature and humidity in their businesses.

Environmental Essentials

In ATS’s proprietary environmental monitoring system, a scan is performed on an area every five minutes to detect anything out of the ordinary, and if there is, a central monitoring station is immediately notified. As a result, you will be able to act as soon as possible. An environment monitoring system consists of specialized advanced sensors installed in and around your business property. These sensors operate 24/7, watching for fluctuations in temperature, humidity, leaks, smoke, fire, and more, depending on the facility’s needs.

Automatic Compliance Reports

The ATS environmental monitoring solutions also have an automated compliance reporting feature. Information is logged automatically and documented in a cloud-based report that cannot be altered or tampered with. 

Following are a few industries and sectors that can benefit from environmental monitoring:

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical – The control of temperature and humidity in medical facilities, such as hospitals, clinics, and laboratories, is governed by strict regulations and standards. Temperature or humidity changes can adversely affect items such as medications, vaccines, and laboratory samples.

Server Rooms – Environmental monitoring is also critical in IT server rooms, where sensitive equipment must be kept in ideal conditions to protect it from damage and ensure it operates optimally. In the event of excessive heat and humidity, IT equipment can fail, and data can be lost, resulting in costly downtime.

Food Preparation – Monitoring environmental factors is also a crucial part of the food manufacturing process. Food products must be stored in specific conditions to maintain quality, safety, and shelf life. The manufacturers must ensure that the products they produce are kept in a way to maintain quality, safety, and compliance with regulations.

Museums and Galleries – Monitoring the environment is also a critical part of the art world since many materials and artworks are sensitive to temperature and humidity changes, leaving them vulnerable to damage. There is a risk of deterioration, warping, fading, and other damage caused by fluctuations in environmental conditions, which can be irreversible and expensive to repair.

Safety and Compliance

With decades of experience installing environmental sensors, ATS has provided our customers peace of mind since 1984. We proudly offer top-notch solutions that allow businesses to maintain ideal facility conditions. ATS has the expertise and know-how to install robust, top-tier monitoring systems to protect your products and equipment and meet regulatory requirements.

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