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Gunshot Detection Systems Can Save Lives

According to the Centers for Disease Control, over a million Americans were shot in the past decade, and unfortunately, gun violence rates continue to rise nationwide. In these terrible situations, it’s imperative to respond quickly to minimize casualties. As a community, we must be vigilant and proactive in protecting our fellow citizens from harm, but at the same time, not live in fear.

So, how can we prepare for the unknown while keeping public spaces open and accessible to everyone? Fortunately, gunshot detection systems can play a crucial role. With these advanced and powerful systems, as soon as gunshots are detected, law enforcement agencies are alerted to the scene immediately. In 2019, gunshot detection systems detected more than 40,000 incidents of gunfire and were estimated to have been responsible for the saving of over 500 lives (Source: US Department of Justice) 

Under the Hood: How a Gunshot Detection Works

Using a network of microphones and advanced computer algorithms, gunshot detection systems detect and locate the origin of gunshots in real-time. Police and security personnel can receive this information, allowing them to respond quickly and effectively. 

The sensors, strategically positioned around a protected area, compare the differences in time between sound waves at each microphone. The system calculates the direction and location of the gunshot. As soon as a gunshot detection system detects a shot, it initiates a series of customizable response actions that could include calling 9-1-1, locking access-controlled doors, prerecorded phone messages, and many more.

Who benefits most from gunshot detection?

Locations that benefit most from gunshot detection systems are public spaces such as schools, malls, airports, train stations, stadiums, concert halls, government buildings, and other high-risk environments. Crowded locations are often more vulnerable to attack, as a shooter can cause a lot of damage in a short period. To counter this, gunshot detection systems will allow security personnel to respond quickly and minimize casualties. Gunshot detection systems are also beneficial in areas with high crime rates or gang activity since these systems help prevent gun violence and provide valuable information to law enforcement.

Gunshot Detection Systems and Law Enforcement

In active shooter situations, gunshot detection systems can help prevent and limit damage. Police and security personnel can respond faster and more effectively to gunfire when they can detect and locate it quickly and accurately. By implementing a system such as this, the potential for loss of life can be reduced, and the impact of the incident can be mitigated. The knowledge that the area is monitored may also serve as a deterrent to potential shooters.

Gunshot Detection Systems Keep Watch

Our discussion on the importance of gunshot detection systems in public spaces concludes with a reminder that public safety should always be your top priority. And by using gunshot detection systems, we can better protect our communities and prevent tragic events. 

At ATS, we strive to provide reliable and effective security solutions. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about gunshot detection systems and how they can help protect your community. 

Get in touch with ATS today, and we’ll walk you through the options and features of installing a gunshot detection system to keep your community safer. Call ATS today at 1.414.476.4200