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How to Improve Your Chance of Stopping an Active Shooter

Mass shootings in the United States reached an annual high of 693, as of December 2021. As a result, there were over 700 fatalities and nearly 3,000 injuries. 

Educational institutions aren’t the only type of facility that’s affected. Shootings have happened at a variety of properties including warehouses, manufacturing plants, office spaces and even government buildings. 

An active shooter situation was the top answer given when a group of high-level security leaders were asked what primary physical threat concerns them the most. But predicting the when or where of the next active shooter attack isn’t a current option. 

These active shooter situations are possibly the most serious situation you can encounter, but when your facility has gunshot detection, there’s a significant possibility of minimizing how tragic the final result could be. And integrating these new and advanced technologies into your existing system will give you a more comprehensive overlap of safety across all your layers of security protection. 

In the unfortunate event your facility has an active shooter, this technology will be an invaluable tool in resolving the situation. 

How Gunshot Detection Helps

Immediate and precise gunshot detection, EAGL technology can be used to pinpoint the direction of gunfire, the source and possibly even the kind of weapon used within seconds of the first shot fired. These systems are used to alert people in the surrounding vicinity as well as local authorities. When designed into your overall system, it can provide an early warning of gunshots and trigger access control system lockdown within the building, as well as provide other immediate, real-time information. Knowing the precise location of the shots gives law enforcement the exact location of the shooter, so they can intervene faster and more effectively. Additionally, occupants will be aware of the situation and have better information to respond appropriately in the form of run, hide or fight. 

The EAGL proprietary FireFly® and DragonFly™ Energy Detector technology offers the most effective indoor and outdoor Gunshot Detection and Ballistic Identification equipment available today. 

How Gunshot Detection Technology works

Originally pioneered by The Department of Energy laboratory, these devices are composed of sensors and microphones that measure optical and acoustic anomalies. Information collected by the sensors is processed and the system determines an appropriate response such as sending notifications, displaying relevant video feeds or conducting further ballistics analysis. 

Threat assessment information can be forwarded to First Responders and Law Enforcement, giving them additional tools to minimize the potential for more victims. 

The EAGL Ballistic Sensor technology is the only outdoor wireless-capable gunshot detector available and works on all mobile and stationary security solutions. As an additional element of managing a shooting crisis, this solution also provides administration, staff and responders with audit trail reporting capabilities after the incident.

From our headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, ATS will custom integrate EAGL Gunshot Detection with your other protection layers such as video surveillance and access control for an even higher level of safety and security.

ATS, The Security Professionals 

ATS has been serving nationwide clients from Milwaukee, Wisconsin since 1984. A UL-listed central monitoring station and Honeywell Platinum certified, ATS remains one of the largest, most experienced security integrators designing, installing and maintaining whole systems. In addition to Fire and Life safety system, ATS also offers PA and Medical Alert Systems (PERS), Environmental Monitoring, Nurse Call, Real-Time Location and Wander Management and more!