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Leverage Access Control For More Than Just Controlling Doors

Leverage Access Control For More Than Just Controlling Doors

Add value and intelligence to your specification

The cutting edge access control systems available today do much more than control entry and exits from facilities. Controlling access is important and the basic function of an access control platform. However, a fully integrated building management platform can add value to your low voltage specifications of any size or scope. Added value that was beyond the capabilities and impossible with the less robust systems available in the past.

The continued march of access control to the network, referred to as Internet Protocol (IP) transmission, offers additional possibilities and lends itself to bringing data, business intelligence and other functionality to the system. We’re well-versed in networking and work closely with IT departments and other stakeholders to ensure that cyber security processes, protocols and procedures are followed and no vulnerabilities exist during any stage of design-build, system commissioning or daily use. At ATS, we always work with the industry’s leading access control manufacturers and custom-design the specification to meet your specific needs.

Proximity readers, keypads, and biometric readers can control entrances and also be used to obtain productivity data and a history of who entered/exited and at what time. It’s perfect for human resources time and attendance functions and also to follow the occupancy of a space. For example, when a card initiates and opens a door to the facility, lights can be programmed to turn on and set HVAC running to normal temperatures for an occupied space. It can also be used in tandem with video surveillance. In this instance, the access control is integrated so as to start cameras recording at the door that’s being accessed, providing another level of accountability and a visual record of who entered or tried to gain entrance in the event of an alarm or an alert.

Exciting opportunities for access control

In a manufacturing or industrial facility, access solutions control machinery or restrict untrained personnel from using certain equipment, improving overall safety or ensuring workers are current with compliance regulations or training certifications. It can trigger inputs to turn machinery off or to lower, idling speeds after long periods of inactivity, reducing energy consumption.

Wireless access system devices, wireless locks, wireless readers and wireless controls, with signal strength that penetrates the thickest walls and traverses long distances without signal loss or degradation. With wireless access control, you don’t have to dig and trench for cabling, which may be cost-prohibitive or simply impossible at some facilities. Wireless access control can be used for a full-deployment specification, or to fill in gaps at certain areas or remote buildings.

Biometric Readers are increasingly being specified for added security. Biometric Technologies continue to become more cost effective and allow end users to utilize fingerprint, hand print, facial recognition and retinal/iris scans for user identification. While Biometric readers are more expensive, they do offer a higher level of security for the appropriate application. Industries that have utilized biometric ID have included, data centers, research labs and facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing and storage, sensitive information storage and expensive capital equipment rooms, to name a few.

ATS serves our clients with the most advanced technologies available today. We offer the entire Honeywell line of products. The Pro Watch Security Platform, Maxpro Video, Vista Security and Fire Alarm and Gamewell and Farenhyt high capacity fire alarm systems. In addition to integration with these traditional low voltage systems. Using Pro Watch, Human Resources, Building Management, Mass Notification, Intercom and Compliance reporting can be unified into one versatile and powerful management platform. Access to Pro Watch can be on site, offsite, or via a secure mobile device for one location or multiple locations.

Access control is the back bone of any physical security plan or system Leveraging the wide array of integration and value added possibilities of Pro Watch Access Control and Honeywell products can add capacity, features and value to any low voltage specification.

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