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Making the Most out of Your Surveillance

It is common knowledge that video surveillance is a reliable and effective security solution for all kinds of businesses no matter which industry. The presence of a well-set-up surveillance system is a great single solution for deterrence and, used to its full capability, can monitor criminal activity and clearly show those who are committing it. But there is more to know on how to optimize your video surveillance system, and we believe that you know what those things are. These are our 5 top video surveillance tips that your business needs to know.  

1. Keeping Hackers on The Outside of Your System 

The common phrase is that hackers are opportunistic and while that may be true, we have determined one more characteristic about them, and that’s that they are sophisticated. In the world of security, our technology serves as a “cat and mouse” game. As we get more sophisticated, so do the hackers. This is why it is important for the user to always stay on alert and do his or her part to prevent any intrusion. Here’s what you can do to deter this from happening:

Change your system’s unique password every other month. Hackers look for trends and many can be hints towards usernames and passwords. Always remain ahead of them by changing your passwords every other month, and keep from having stagnant information.

Always change the default Login usernames and passwords and make them unique. It’s true, there’s a chance that the default logins you get to set up networks can be found online. This is a basic tip that we tell people to do when ensuring a safe network, and it is something that should be done for every digital log in process.

Invest in cameras that utilize encrypted signals. Encrypted cameras disguise the signals that are being sent over the internet and this makes it harder for hackers to infiltrate or acquire any information that is being passed through your network. 

Make Sure You Secure Your Business Network. All a hacker needs is one minor oversight and sometimes they can get access to your information or technology through outside access points. Always make sure this network is secure. Always.

Never link your cameras to a public network. This happens more often than you think and it is exactly the kind of mistake a hacker is looking for. Make sure they are always connected to a secured network. 

2. Best Camera Placement Practices

Video Surveillance cameras are best placed: 

  • Above all exits and entrances
  • Above and near high-valued or rare items
  • Placed amidst well-lit areas for highest quality footage
  • In position for wide shots and angles that capture more space

3. Become an Expert in Video Surveillance Legality

The safety of your business is always a top priority, but that also applies to your employees and customers. When installing cameras in your business, be sure to avoid these areas:

  • Bathrooms
  • Dressing rooms
  • Examination rooms
  • Hotel rooms
  • Locker rooms

It is also worth mentioning that every state has different video and audio recording laws. It’s best to get familiar with those before you install. Here is more information on that.

4. Transition Video Footage into the Cloud

As the days build, so does the video footage. Eventually, you’re going to need the storage space for it and here is why else you should use it:

Cost-effective. Ip cameras are designed to eliminate the need for external DVR systems which do require their own form of maintenance and upgrading.

Accessibility. As the footage is being stored in the cloud, you can access that footage through other trusted and secure devices, and not being limited to on-site viewing.

Flexibility. If you want to add additional cameras or view footage from a different location, you can do that. If a new and trusted individual needed access, you’re capable of granting that. 

5. Additional Camera Features for Fully Optimized Security

Optimize the overall effectiveness of your surveillance system with some additional camera features, including:

  • Adjustable Views: Cameras that move and can tilt or zoom for multiple views.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) technology: Cameras hosted on monitoring platforms powered by artificial intelligence can automatically monitor all footage and alert you about unusual events.
  • Night capture capabilities: Cameras with night vision use infrared LEDs to provide clear images in near low-light conditions.
  • High resolution: Higher resolutions give the best quality image and threat determination.
  • IP-based versus wired video: Video cables are not needed with IP-based systems.
  • Weatherproof: Cameras that can withstand all different kinds of weather conditions.
  • Remote access: Sync your video surveillance system to your mobile security app to control settings and monitor footage on your mobile device.


Why You Should Choose ATS 

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