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Managing Potential Danger / The Age of Gunshot Detection

No one knows when they may be caught in the middle of a crisis. In an incident of such plight, we are swept into an intense and immediate reality where only timing will determine fate. 

You’re responsible for a facility that can host a great number of people at any time. You can’t control the actions of others, but you can do your part to control the immediate environment. And it is the duty of such large establishments to implement preventative measures that will keep patrons safe. Trust the Eagle. EAGL Gunshot Detection and Lockdown Technology is designed to equip your facility with an effective active shooter countermeasure that is immediate and precise. 

In as quickly as a few seconds, EAGL enables you to pinpoint the location of the disturbance, immediately convey a potential suspect’s position, and have the areas locked down. This Gunshot Detection and Lockdown Technology is proactively designed to PREVENT the worst before it happens. 

Concurrently, CityWeb Systems shares a proprietary FireFly® and DragonFly™ Energy Detector technology with EAGL that represents the most effective indoor/outdoor Gunshot Detection and Ballistic Identification equipment available. Exclusive FireFly® and DragonFly™ Energy Detectors are based on technology that was originally pioneered in laboratories at the Department of Energy. We perfected and uniquely developed it over time to be immune to initiating false alarms! 

Other features, many recently revamped to be more effective, include ballistics analysis capability, timely confirmation of threats, compatibility with other warning systems, and it is the only gunshot detection system currently to employ outdoor wireless capability. 

Also, our multi-layer comprehensive security intelligence responds adaptively, automatically considering the immediate environment by use of a countermeasure algorithm generator. It’s a state-of-the-art system designed with a single purpose – safety. Combine the EAGL with a highly-rated and proven security system, such as the integrated commercial surveillance designs by the same manufacturer, Associated Technical Services (ATS). You will be employing the cutting-edge in alarm technology, a leading network that is literally based upon the needs and structure of your large facility.

The addition of live video feeds allows real-time tracking, while installed detectors report movements, smoke, and Carbon Monoxide. These are of the same technology as used by the Department of Defense and Homeland Security. It is the level of protection needed for a large facility like yours. Our preventive measures are designed to deter after confrontation by actually communicating – via 2 way audio conductors – to a potential intruder. Being addressed suddenly and directly has a disarming effect on an unsuspecting individual who may represent a threat of some nature. This has a startling effect on the suspect and typically discourages any crime that is about to be committed. 

By working together we can do our part to make our community feel safe. Implementing as much new technology is the ideal method to ‘cover all the bases and be as proactively safety-conscious as possible.


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