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Manufacturing Facility Security


Manufacturing facilities make up the foundation of our society and because of this share some common physical security and safety concerns. These concerns include protecting the facility from intrusion, vandalism, sabotage, and industrial espionage as well as protecting workers and area residents from harm. However, recent studies shockingly purport that the industrial sector has some of the least mature security practices and policies and lowest quality security infrastructures, making them exceptionally vulnerable. 

If it is time to improve the physical security of your manufacturing facility, here are the top recommendations for 2020.

Get a Professional Evaluation

No matter how strong and effective you believe your defenses to be, it is critical to get a professional security evaluation. This will help ensure that the systems you have in place are fully utilized, are up to date and any security gaps are filled with the most appropriate technologies.

Fortify Your First Line of Defense

Whether it is inventory lift or theft of intellectual property, some of the most severe damage comes from the inside. Protect assets with physical access restrictions like electronically controlled locks, key cards, and video surveillance.

Take a Defense-in-Depth Strategy

No one physical security technology or method alone is designed to effectively protect a manufacturing facility. Protecting assets requires a holistic approach where each technology and approach is considering other technologies and approaches, creating a comprehensive, layered strategy.

Use Security Management Technologies

Management technologies such as Honeywell ProWatch®, integrates access control, intrusion detection, alarm monitoring, video badging, and CCTV systems into one pane of glass look at your facility. This helps users meet the most stringent compliance requirements for your industry, and it reduces your total cost of ownership by increasing operator productivity with superior flexibility, ease of use and scalability.

Create Security Policies and Practices

While manufacturing facilities are highly vulnerable, shockingly, many plants do not have the most basic security policies in place. This leads to many preventable security failures. To avoid this, develop a set of written safety and security policies and procedures including such things as:

  • Who should be able to access what areas or assets
  • Acceptable use of products and machinery
  • Event reporting procedures. 

Use a Security Management System

Improve your security with a security management system such as Honeywell ProWatch®. Honeywell’s Pro-Watch® software is a connected building platform for enterprise and critical infrastructure customers. It is designed to help unify your security systems and technologies for seamless use. ProWatch® helps manufacturers meet the most stringent compliance requirements for your industry, and it reduces total cost of ownership by increasing operator productivity with superior flexibility and scalability.

Advantages of ProWatch®

  • Integrates with third-party manufacturers
  • Modular hardware and software options
  • Management portals reduce operator workloads by 20%


Take control of your manufacturing facility security. Call us today to learn more about your options! 414-476-4200