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Protecting Manufacturing Facilities With Touchless Access Control

Keeping your manufacturing facility open, compliant, and continuing operations with confidence is critical as the COVID-19 cloud clears thanks to vaccination rollouts across the nation. Minimizing the spread of germs has never been more imperative. With this in mind, it might be time to consider upgrading to touchless access control solutions. Upgrading your access control keys, keypads, and card readers with innovative touchless solutions will secure your facility with health and safety at the forefront as we continue to navigate the pandemic. 


Will Traditional Access Control Still Cut It?

As U.S. COVID-19 cases surged over the holiday months and more contagious variants emerge, the spread of the virus has continued to push awareness for hygiene concerns about contact with frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, keypads, contact biometrics, and telephone entry systems. While traditionally effective in securing facilities, these systems raise concern for increased contamination and viral spread because these systems involve touching electronic access control devices or doors themselves.


Touchless Access in Manufacturing

Since manufacturing facilities and distribution plants typically have a high volume of personnel coming and going from the premises daily (especially during shift changes), minimizing physical contact with contactless access control devices is top of mind for many. Luckily, there is a touchless access solution available that does minimize physical contact.


Touchless Access We Can Get With

Regarding touchless access control, we continually recommend Honeywell Pro-Watch® because they continue to offer some of the best features in touchless solutions with our manufacturing customers in mind.


What We Love About Honeywell Pro-Watch® Access Control:

  • Multiple contactless credential technology options, including fobs, cards, and mobile access
  • Automated processing of access requests eliminates entry errors to help ensure compliance.
  • The module maintains auditing data on approvals and access changes to meet compliance requirements.
  • Multi-factor authentication


Is Touchless Access Control Right For You?

As we’ve all worked to navigate solutions during the pandemic, Associated Technical Services’ (ATS) mission is to provide solutions customized specifically to your facility’s needs. We take the time to learn about your business goals, operations, and what you are looking to get out of your integrated security system. 


To discuss the features addressed here and other options for touchless access control, contact us today at 414-476-4200.