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Top Benefits of Access Control in Manufacturing

When it comes to securing manufacturing facilities, access control plays a pivotal role. The obvious benefit of access control systems is to prevent unauthorized intruders or control levels of access for personnel, protect the facility against damage and theft, and protect employees from harm. But there are other advantages. 

Challenges within the Manufacturing Facility  

The manufacturing environment has numerous risks specific to the industry. Most facilities have areas containing sensitive documents and information, large quantities of products or materials onsite may use dangerous equipment, and may be producing products that are classified, proprietary, or otherwise need special protection. Lapses in this protection, whether accidental or malicious, can have lasting and damaging consequences in this environment. 

Top Risks Within the Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing plants are prone to a diverse set of security risks, including:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Violence
  • Sabotage
  • Espionage and Counterfeiting
  • Non-compliance
  • Unauthorized Entry in Restricted Areas
  • Trespassing
  • Accidents

Top  Benefits of Access Control for Manufacturing Facilities 

The main priorities of most manufacturing facilities are protecting people, processes, and products, maintaining compliance, and maintaining productivity. Access control plays an important role in addressing all of these objectives. Here’s how. 

  • Restricting access to critical areas helps prevent the theft of products, equipment, data, and sensitive documents.
  • Controlling access to manufacturing facilities can prevent acts of vandalism and other malicious acts perpetrated by the public or saboteurs.
  • Preventing unauthorized access to critical areas can help manufacturing plant managers prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Access control provides an audit trail of access within the facility to help avoid compliance issues, confirm time clock records, and help solve disputes. 
  • Adopting access control technologies can also prevent acts of espionage and product counterfeiting.
  • Since there are no keys, there is no need to re-key with employment changes or lost keys. 
  • Vendors can have easy but restricted access. 

The Advantage of Honeywell Pro-Watch Integrated Security 

Pro-Watch Integrated Security Suite enables an enterprise to benefit from the seamless integration of all of its security solutions, giving you complete visibility of all the connected systems, in turn mitigating business risks.

  • Monitor video, access control, and intrusion detection from one interface
  • Manage access
  • Improve productivity
  • Gain business intelligence

It’s designed to protect people and property, optimize productivity, and ensure compliance with industry regulations. And it saves time and money by providing actionable intelligence and reducing operational costs

Pro-Watch Mobile App

Pro-Watch Mobile App can help to improve productivity and efficiency, as it enables users to access the Integrated Security Suite from a mobile IOS or Android operating system.

  • Alarm and Door Management – Operators can use the app to access the system’s information and manage alarms at any time. It can also be used to lock, unlock and re-enable doors remotely.
  • Access Management – With configurable filters app allows users to view any unused or expiring cards or to search for a specific badge holder or access card.

Commercial Access Control 

ATS has been a proven leader in physical security since 1984. As a Honeywell Platinum Level Certified Integrator, the highest level in the industry, ATS is dedicated to providing the industry’s most sophisticated technologies and the most responsive customer service in the industry. For more information, call ATS today at 414-476-4200.