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Using A Body Temperature Detection System Can Keep Your Healthcare Employees, Patients, and Visitors Safe


An Infrared Temperature Detection system can provide fast and accurate body temperature measurement for pre-screening measures in your healthcare facility

Infrared temperature detection cameras are becoming a staple in security across the nation. Now more than ever, it is important to consider this prescreening measure as COVID-19 cases resurge in many states. This technology can enable you to engage in preliminary screening that is in real-time, easy, and safe within your healthcare facility. Thermal sensor technology, video imaging, intelligent motion detection software, and temperature screening in high throughput access points may be a solution to determine if additional health screening and monitoring are required before an individual enters your healthcare premises. Infrared thermal detection systems may be an integral step to mitigate the spread of contagious illness to protect those fighting on the front lines in the healthcare industry.

How do they work?

Infrared thermal detection cameras are designed to measure abnormal surface temperatures on the skin and to determine whether additional health screening and monitoring are necessary. These devices use infrared (IR) sensors to calculate the temperature of an individual by measuring an infrared signature.

Why use them?

Fever is one of the top indicators of COVID-19. Using manual and touchless temperature checking methods have divulged challenges that might include overcrowded lines at hospital access points, difficulty enforcing personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements, and the maintenance of social distancing while conducting these temperature checks. One solution to alleviate these concerns is to integrate a thermal detection screening system at access points. When used at access points, a user can be denied door access if no mask is detected or if they have elevated body temperature.

Our Recommendation

Associated Technical Services (ATS) is offering an Infrared Temperature Detection System that provides fast and accurate body-temperature measurement when used as a pre-screening measure in a healthcare facility. 

  • 100% Touch-less access
  • Rapid facial recognition within .035 seconds
  • Detection while wearing a mask
  • Anti-Spoofing algorithm
  • Reduces personnel labor costs
  • Software licensed for up to 10 units


We want to help you learn more about how IR Pre-Screen Pro could be the solution for your healthcare facility.