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Using Body Temperature Detection To Safeguard your Business | Commercial Security


Keeping your business’s employees, customers, and assets secure while protecting the bottom line is the top priority for every company tailing the COVID-19 health pandemic. 

Although many state and local governments are moving closer to their COVID-19 testing and contact tracing targets, businesses worldwide are now considering the implementation of body temperature detection as part of new health and safety protocols towards reopening efforts.

Does Temperature Monitoring Actually Help?

While not a sure-fire strategy as a fever alone doesn’t indicate an individual is infected with COVID-19, temperature monitoring is one of several invaluable approaches to identify individuals who are infected or on the verge of infection by a contagious illness. According to the FDA, existing available scientific literature supports the use of telethermographic systems in the context of initial human temperature measurement in high throughput facilities such as airports, hospitals, businesses, factories, and campuses as an effort to mitigate the spread of contagious illnesses.

Why Manual Temperature Monitoring Isn’t Enough

Manual temperature checking, even with the use of touchless thermometers, can be accompanied by a multitude of problematic factors that are discouraging many businesses from returning to increased operating capacities. 

For instance, checking every employee’s temperature would flood entry points with lines of people waiting for their turn. Who will be responsible for conducting temperature checks? What personal protective equipment (PPE) will be enforced? Will employees waiting in line be paid for waiting time required to enter? How will social distancing be enforced? One viable solution to help your business to avoid these new complications is with the integration of infrared touchless biometric readers with temperature detection.

Why the Integration of Infrared Touchless Biometric Readers with Temperature Detection Works

The integration of infrared touchless biometric readers with thermal detection cameras is a quick, non-contact, and reliable mechanism of detecting elevated external body temperature in individuals.

Used as a pre-screening device, this integration can be used with various access control systems and can even provide a temperature logging tool for record-keeping as a means of contact tracing.

What Sets It Apart

While some tech manufacturers boast their thermal imaging devices as a solution, many of their devices aren’t meeting federal and industry standards that allow their devices to live up to the task of accurately measuring the individual temperature en masse.

However, that doesn’t throw thermal imaging devices out of the race yet. In fact, with the right integration of the latest software and technology – such as palm and fingerprint recognition algorithms, and facial recognition all supported by an optimized dual-core processor – thermal imaging devices provide fast and accurate body-temperature measurements in pre-screening your employees at every entry point.

Resuming Your Business with Confidence

Like you, we want to see businesses resume with the most effective health and safety measures that meet your individual needs. We understand the levels of uncertainty and anxiety surrounding the health and safety of your employees, customers, and patrons. Infrared temperature detection gives you the power to detect problems the eye cannot see and may be the solution to help your business resume with confidence.

What We Recommend

No matter the security needs of your facility, we have an array of solutions to offer. Currently, ATS is offering an Infrared Temperature Detection system known as IR Pre-Screen Pro that provides one of the quickest and most accurate body temperature measurement on the market. This unit combines a powerful embedded thermal camera and the latest face, palm and fingerprint recognition algorithms that are all supported by an optimized dual-core processor. 


  • 100% Touchless access
  • Rapid facial recognition within .035 seconds
  • PPE mask detection
  • Anti-spoofing algorithm
  • Reduces personnel labor costs
  • Software licensing for up to 10 units

This all-in-one system – when used as a pre-screening device – can be integrated with multiple access control systems and even includes a software package that provides a temperature logging tool for record-keeping.

Key features of this system pertinent to your business’s health and safety measures include personal protective equipment (PPE) mask detection, PPE verification, and embedded face and palm recognition. There is even an option available where a user can be denied door access if they do not meet facility access requirements (such as having an elevated body temperature or no wearing the required PPE necessary for ingress). 

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To learn whether thermal detection technology is right for your business, call us today. 414-476-4200