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Video Analytics is Changing Everything in Commercial Security, and That’s Good.

Until recently, there was a huge disciplinary distinction between video surveillance, intrusion, and access control physical security solutions. While these solutions could be integrated under one management solution, crossover functionality was historically very limited.                              

Now those barriers are melting away thanks to the maturation technological advancements in video analytics and companion technologies. Individually, the range of tasks each solution can perform has increased, however, the vast improvements in reliability and functionality has pushed video analytics from the edge of the market mainstream to the forefront.

Now it’s for Everyone

It was not that long ago that video analytics was primarily available to government facilities or corporate facilities able to support high-end infrastructures with powerful servers. Now, cameras can run on the edge or on a server running multiple streams or applications making video analytics much more accessible in both commercial and residential applications.

It is Not Just About Security

When video surveillance was purely analog, the solution was purely a security solution. Now with network IP cameras and advanced analytics, video surveillance is a business solution that provides a wide range of data and intelligence that can be leveraged for everything from keeping track of attendance in public venues to monitoring and tracking packages.

True Integration

Another positive advance is true integration. We can now use commercial video surveillance to merge normal buildings into “smart” ones, manipulating technology throughout the building with a few clicks.


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