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Smash and Grabs are not Just on TV! Why Jewelers Need UL Alarm Systems

Smash and Grabs are not Just on TV! Why Jewelers Need UL Alarm Systems

You’ve seen it on TV and in the movies—robbers calmly walk into a jewelry store, smash a case and then make off with the expensive items in the case. While it makes a movie interesting, in real life jewelry stores experience a huge risk for robberies. Even worse, many robberies or attempted robberies tragically result in injury or fatality. This is why UL Alarm systems and monitoring are so important to jewelry stores.

What is UL Listing?

You’ve seen their familiar tag on things like lamps, appliances, and other electronics but who and what is the UL? The UL, or Underwriters Laboratories, develops standards for alarm companies and services. They do this by assessing alarm companies for their ability to install, maintain, test, inspect, monitor, and communicate with proper authorities and provide runner service. They also test, inspect, validate, and certify alarm and fire systems components for safety, reliability, and quality based on UL’s high standards. Why is this important to businesses? Without this, there is no way to offer the highest levels of insurance that the alarm will operate properly in the event of a robbery.

UL Alarm Systems in the Jewelry Industry

Criminals target jewelry stores because they carry an inventory of very high value and the criminal can make off with tremendous value quickly and easily. Often, criminals use a technique called “smash and grab”, where the criminal will enter a store, smash a case and take off with as much inventory as they can carry. While most jewelry stores wisely use security systems, there have been instances where alarm systems did not produce a signal or

there was a failure of response after an alarm signal was received. This is why UL alarm systems and monitoring are so vital to high-risk businesses and industries. 

It’s easy to take the UL certification for granted because the certification process works so well! Having a UL Listed alarm and monitoring means business owners have peace of mind that in the event of an emergency that the alarm will produce a signal, the signal received, and help initiated as swiftly as possible. 

An additional benefit, according to Jewelers Mutual, an insurance provider for the industry, is that having a current and valid Ul certificate is recognized as a risk mitigator, which contributes to a more favorable insurance premium.   

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