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Your Business and Security System Integration

Your Business and Security System Integration

As a business owner, you strive to take all of the measures necessary to protect and grow your business. Today, that means using the life safety and security tools with which you are familiar in new ways, and when integrated, with expanded functions. From boosting productivity to enhancing security, there are some valuable reasons for having an integrated security system.

What is an Integrated Security System?

Not long ago, most security systems operated independently of one another, communicating through their own dedicated cabling and signaling protocols. They were inefficient to use and unable to provide a complete picture of the security of the facility.  An integrated system takes the independent layers of security such as life safety, intrusion detection, access control, and video surveillance and integrates them into one solution for a higher degree of control, reliability, and response.

Security system integration is growing in prevalence, and at the same time, system capabilities continue to grow. This means that the ability to enhance security and streamline formerly manual processes will only grow.

The Top Advantages of Integrating Your Security System

Reduced Liability

All too often, businesses learn about cracks in their security measures too late, and as a result of a liability issue. Frequently, businesses will think they are covered sufficiently but find that they employed siloed security measures such as unmanned cameras or believed that security guards were enough to aid them in the protection of their business. Integrated security systems fill in the gaps to reduce risks, provide intelligence and a way to act on events quickly.

Improved Security

When access control, video surveillance, and life safety systems are integrated, it results in improved real-time response and better crisis management.

Centralization of Operations

An integrated security system allows for the centralization of security operations which saves time and produces a more organized flow of management. Whether it is one facility or multiple buildings and facilities across many campuses, it can all be managed for one place.

Operational Intelligence

Mitigating high-risk threats is key to security and improved operational intelligence is a critical element in making that happen. An integrated system provides a more complete picture of operations.

Improved Efficiency

Having your systems integrated also improves efficiency by better utilizing your technologies. This means the need for fewer security staff, improved productivity, and smarter time and resource allocation.

No matter the size of the facility of how complex the need, ATS can help you with an integrated security system to meet your needs. Call us for more information. 414-476-4200