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How can your business utilize Body-Temperature Detection to better safeguard your employees?

By utilizing Touch-less biometric readers, with temperature detection.

ATS is offering an Infrared Temperature Detection system that provides fast & accurate body-temperature measurement. Used in Pre-Screening people. There is an option available where a user can be denied door access no mask is detected or if they have elevated body-temperature.

Identifying individuals with high body-temperature or not wearing a mask helps safeguard employees and visitors especially in hospitals, airports, schools, commercial office buildings & other public areas. Other practical and strategic uses may include screening in clinics, nursing homes and assisted living facilities, Jails, state & local government buildings, manufacturing, and food processing facilities.


  • 100% Touch-less access

  • Rapid facial recognition within .035 seconds

  • >Detection while wearing a mask

  • >Anti-Spoofing algorithm

  • >Reduces personnel labor costs

  • >Software licensed for up to 10 units


This unit combines a powerful embedded thermal camera and the latest face, palm and fingerprint recognition algorithms that are all supported by an optimized dual-core processor. Features include PPE mask detection, PPE verification, and embedded face & palm recognition. This is a Pre-Screening Device and can be used with Access Control System such as Honeywell ProWatch, Honeywell WinPak, and other systems that will accept a Wiegand Input. The included software package provides a temperature logging tool for record keeping.

We can provide all of this advanced touch-less security and convenience in one affordable device!

What’s included:

Scanner, Tri-Pod, Red & Green LED Indicators, control software.

This device is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions or in the cure mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, used only for non-medical applications.

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