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Many businesses and institutions such as fast-food chains, convenience stores, and schools rely on quick and clear communication for things like safety, process management, and sales. Your choice in communication tools seriously impacts the effectiveness of your communications. ATS works with PAR Technology Corp., a leader in serving the communication needs of a wide variety of businesses for over 40 years.

Advanced communications systems, such as the Drive-Thru Basestation G5, meet today’s business needs in the quick service market. The Basestation G5 can record up to 16 greeter, alert or reminder messages, each up to 15 seconds in length. The new speaker is completely sealed to eliminate off-axis sound and echo. The result is enhanced sound clarity and quality that is more realistic and closer to the human voice resulting in improved order accuracy and customer satisfaction.

ATS has the technology that has people talking.

Why Choose PAR for Your Restaurant?

Cloud Solution

Brink cloud-based POS is a best-in-breed platform that even works offline

All-in-One Package

PAR’s durable hardware and peripherals provide a one-stop-shop approach to POS

Track Inventory

Reduce waste, and monitor inventory easily, ordering only what you need

Flexible Service

Personalized service plans are designed to address your unique challenges

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