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Physical Security Measures to Consider in Building Assessments

If you are a Facilities Manager, you know that building assessments are a regular and important part of ensuring that security and safety protocols are being upheld. The process provides an overview of what can be changed and improved and a way to see the facility from a more removed and objective way.

Surprisingly, physical security is one of the most commonly overlooked and neglected aspects of building improvements with most thinking of it as a “set it and forget it” element of the facility. However, it is better to think of security as a living, breathing element of the facility and one that is always changing.

You should conduct frequent physical security assessments, and here’s why:

  • Building usage is constantly changing.
  • Security threats are constantly changing and becoming more sophisticated.
  • Security technologies are rapidly advancing and offer more expansive and time-saving tools.
  • Upgrading to the right technologies can save the facility money.


Top Physical Security Measures to Consider

Upgrade Door Security to Include Access Control

People, both authorized and unauthorized, access buildings through the doors making them one of the most vulnerable points in any facility. This is no doubt why upgraded security at the door is one of the most common physical security upgrades.

When considering the door, consider all aspects of vulnerability such as the door frame, hinges, type of door, and locks. Consider using commercial access control to further secure doors.

Window Security

For criminals, windows provide another huge opportunity for access. Securing windows can be challenging. In your building assessment, consider elements such as window motion sensors, glass break sensors, and locks to help secure these openings. Additionally, window film installation can further elevate the security of these areas.

Video Surveillance

One of the most cost-efficient ways to improve security is adding a commercial video surveillance system. Video surveillance and CCTV systems provide a way for you to monitor and record activities all around the facility and capture issues that may have gone unseen. Not only does it help deter crime, but it can also help in avoiding fraud, prevent accidents, and more.

Consider Your Alarm System

Alarm systems are another way to boost your facility security and to keep things in check. Alarm systems allow you to monitor the facility’s security even when you are not in the immediate location.

Consider an Integrated Platform

An integrated security platform, such as Honeywell’s Pro-Watch®,  consolidates all of your security into one place with one platform so you have everything you need to enforce, defend, detect, and respond to today’s threats with full-spectrum visibility.

Consider Mass Notification

Notifications can be made in both emergency and non-emergency situations. With it, you can target recipients with clear, real-time information fast.  A Mass Notification system can be included as part of an inclusive integrated security platform installed by a professional integrator.

Use Monitoring

There are many forms of systems monitoring available that can boost your facility’s security, protection, and performance, beyond just monitoring for things such as fire or break-in. Monitoring for moisture, leaks, heat and other factors can protect the building, its occupants, and sensitive equipment.


Performing building assessments that includes a physical security assessment is important. By understanding the true needs of the building you have the opportunity to implement the latest technologies to protect and support it. If you need more information, feel free to give us a call!