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Why Gun Violence is an Unfortunate but Real-World Reality

The number of deaths attributed to gun violence in 2020 surpassed years prior, and the trend is continuing in 2021. This rise in violence increases the responsibilities of organizations, institutions, government agencies, and public venues to take a proactive approach to protecting their people. We hope that most businesses, schools, and facilities never have an event where they need a gunshot detection system. But if they ever do, we hope that the facility is properly equipped for such a situation. 

Why Gunshot Detection Systems Matter

If an intruder is able to get firearms onto your property undetected, you have fewer options left to implement. In such an event, critical information such as the shooting location needs to be transmitted as quickly as possible. This presents a huge human challenge as in any shooting event, identifying the shooter’s location can be extremely difficult. The information can become confusing or inaccurate when many people are transmitting it in a highly volatile situation. 

It’s an Immediate Countermeasure

Gunshot detection technologies such as EAGL are an active countermeasure technology in an active shooter event. It provides immediate and precise gunshot detection and location, as well as facility lockdown. This can help tactically trap the shooter and protect occupants.  

Early Information

Gunshot detection systems and sensors can automatically generate a phone call or text message to onsite security and local police dispatchers to notify relevant personnel that a shot has been fired or that an explosion has just occurred. Responders accurate information much quicker than 911 calls or alarms.

Faster Response Times

Gunshot detection technologies significantly reduce response time to these events and helps law enforcement contain the incident quicker. 

Early Response Saves More Lives

With precise incident information delivered immediately to onsite personnel and law enforcement agencies, the incident can be contained more quickly, preventing further injuries. 


About ATS Gunshot Detection Technologies

ATS is committed to stopping gun violence utilizing the most trusted technologies in the industry. For more information about EAGL and CityWeb, call ATS Today. 414-476-4200.