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Top 7 Ways Commercial Security Systems Benefit Businesses

Commercial physical security technologies have been rapidly advancing, and so have the ways they are implemented in the commercial environment. Technologies that were once reserved only for large organizations are now affordable for small businesses as well and are providing businesses of every size with surprising benefits.

Protect People

The first and most critically important aspect of physical security is protecting the occupants of the building. By using access control, organizations can control who gets access to the facility or critical areas within the facility. Video surveillance systems with analytics can detect suspicious behaviors and provide facility-wide visibility to enhance the physical protection of staff and visitors. 

Deter Theft

Commercial security systems also help deter theft. Technologies such as video surveillance, glass break detectors, access control, and more help prevent loss of all types, including organized theft, smash and grab, shoplifting, and employee theft.

Reduce Fraud

Unfortunately, businesses of every size and type are susceptible to fraudulent claims. Without the right proof, it is the business’ word against the claimant. Fortunately, having the right technology can protect the business owner. Video surveillance can capture fraudulent acts, for example, and access control can play a role in developing a timeline of events.

Identify Dangerous Practices

Most industries have many types of compliance and safety regulations they must observe. Video surveillance technologies can help play a role in identifying non-compliance so that it can be corrected immediately and reduce risks. 

Improve Customer Service

Having video surveillance can help identify things like wait times, employee demeanor, stellar acts, and more that can all help improve the customer experience. 

Lower Insurance Costs  

Many insurance companies reduce rates for businesses that implement commercial security systems. Commercial security systems put businesses at lower risk of requiring the use of insurance claims. 

Improved Business Insights

With the right systems, owners can know if the business was opened and closed on time, see how customers respond to displays, identify traffic patterns, and more. These insights can allow the owner to make informed business decisions. 

About ATS 

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